497AD (Part One): Damn those Saxons!

Spring court was a gloomy affair this year. The payment of tribute to King Athelswith of Essex after the demands of his son, Prince Aecswine, coupled with the general chaos Uther's death has brought on Llogres, has left everyone nervous. Word came of most other Lords following the Countess's example and paying tribute. New came to of King Idres of Cornwall hiring men for battle, and war in Norgales as the Three Cadlews (sons) seeking to take King Pellinore's place on his throne.

Gaelavin, now one of the senior knights in the county, and Erec tried to take a lead in organising the protection of Salisbury, organising training of men to fight and sending messengers to nearby counties seeking to form alliances. They also pledged their allegiance to Countess Ellen (although many suspect Gaelavin did so out of mixed motives ;-)

Prince Aecswine was at Court again, seeking further 'protection money'. However, when news came of Saxons invading Hampshire Erec and Gaelavin confronted him, demanding to know if he would defend them and help them repel these invaders. His response was that they had misunderstood the arrangement - they paid him not to attack them, no more, no less. Somehow Erec managed to restrain himself from attacking the Saxon there and then...

Hearing their report, the Countess herself went to 'clarify' the arrangement with Aecswine, and like them came out fuming. After a quick council, they decided to keep Aecswine hostage, whilst Erec and Gaelavin took a number of knights and went to the assistance of the people of Hampshire.

Turned out that the city of Hantonne had been defeated by Saxons led by King Cerdic, and that the Earl was 'agreeing term's with Cerdic. Erec and Gaelavin held discussions with Prince Cynric, Cerdic's son, in 'neutral ground' outside Hantonne. Here they learnt that these Saxons were descendents of the Gerwessi who were the evil King Vortigern's men, part British, part Saxon, during the bitter betrayal of the Night of the Long Knives. Cerdic, Cynric claimed, wanted to live at peace with them his new neighbours. Gaelavin and Erec were not so sure and demanded to hear from the Earl of Hampshire himself...

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