498AD (Part Two): Cerdic's Revenge?

Enraged by the capture and ransom of his son Cynric, King Cerdic gathered his warriors and marched with force towards Sarum. Alerted to his advance, Countess Ellen gathered together her knights and sent them out to defend the city and their future.

Knowing the land gave them a slight advantage. They were able to select a section of the road where the Saxons would be caught in a gully. Dividing the force into two sections, Erec and Gaelavin lay in wait, ambush prepared, for the coming onslaught. As the foreign hoard came over the horizon, many a heart stopped beating. The sheer scale of their opponent was realised for the first time. Those they had faced at Hantonne were but a small selection. Until now, the Saxons had been toying with them, but now that had come to an end. The field of view was full of barbarian invaders, hungry for revenge and blood. They were outnumbered in everyway. There was little hope of victory.

As the Saxons moved down the gully, Erec and Gaelavin charged, hoping against hope to catch them by surprise. Aided by the advantage of the landscape, and the wooden spikes they had laid beforehand, they were able to momentarily gain momentum against them, but quickly this subsided, leaving them combatting the foe from the sides and the front.

The fighting was fierce. Unable to tell how the battle was going, Erec and Gaelavin carried themselves with honour, slaying many in their wake. Even so, there was a feeling of inevitable doom to the proceedings ...until, an hour and a half into the rampage, a pathway to King Cerdic himself opened up! Gaelavin and Erec seized the opportunity that had just arisen, and charged down upon him. The encounter was swift and final, Cerdic knocked unconscious. Binding him, they managed to remove him from the battle, which as word got out of his defeat turned into a rout. Although outnumbered by more than seven to one, Sailsbury had once more poured scorn on the Saxon scum. Now Erec's dubious bard had something to truly sing about.