501AD (Part Two): Return to the Forest Savauge

Somehow Sir Gaelavin had managed to keep his changling 'daughter' out of sight as he and Sir Erec escorted Queen Ygrainne and Morgan to the festivities in Gorre [GM: If truth be told, there was such a long gap between gaming sessions over summer that we all forgot that he'd said he'd smuggled her along!] On their return to Sarum, Gaelavin announced his intention to head into the Forest in the hope of discovering his real daughter, believing the Fae there might have her. Of course, his hope was tempered with the frustrations they had experienced on previous visits to this mysterious realm.

Their caution was compounded by the words of the Lord of Lambor Castle where they stopped seeking hospitality and hopefully a guide. Aware of them from the border skirmish they had interrupted on their journey to Gorre earlier in the year, he acknowledged their bravery, but now expressed fear for their safety if they followed this folly. Nevertheless, his urgent words could not put them off, and after a nights rest, they set off for the Forest, with a guide from Lambor taking them reluctantly as far as the manor of Lilbourne, not far into the trees. From here, though, they would have to find their own way.

Of course, all would be well this time. They were now experienced travellers in this dark realm, and had taken precautions against mishap. A trail was laid and trees were marked to show their path. Nothing could or would go wrong, of that they were sure! But as many have found before, complacency is a trait best avoided if these woody trails are to be followed. Before long it became clear that once more they were lost, and wasting days traipsing in circles, and climbing trees to gain a vantage point was not much use either.

In desperation Gaelavin resorted to crying out to the King of Sauvage. At first the cries were compassionate, offering back his daughter, but became increasingly angry as they were answered only by silence. In the end a furious Gaelavin drew his sword and threatened to kill the changeling if his cries continued to remain unanswered. No response, the silence only broken by the sound of his sword cutting through the air towards the changeling held below. Just in time, Sir Erec managed to stay the fall, mercifully interjecting his own blade. If anyone was watching from the silent boughs, they would never know if this was staged for their benefit, or if the vengeful Gaelavin had finally lost his cool...

They were just about to give up their quest for the Castle of the Faery Lord of Sauvage, when they happened across three bandits. These common rogues needed to learn how to move silently, as they were heard before they let their arrows loose upon the knights and their squires, meaning taking evasive action was not a problem. Having avoided their arrows, it took but brief moments for them to slay one, and take captive two. These were peasant folk, and usualy would be dismissed with a flogging, but when you're lost in the woods, such common folk have their uses, and so Gaelavin and erec interrogated Bill and Harold as their names transpired to be as to what they knew of the Castle in exchange for their lives. They claimed to know where it was - of course we can lead you there - but their protestations seemed perhaps to eager? It was a risk, though, that Erec and Gaelavin were prepared to take, if but cautiously.