503AD (Part Three): The King of Sauvage

Gaelavin and Erec were met by Sir Gwyn who had been sent to discover what had happened to them (see 502AD). Eventually with the help of their captured rogues, the knights found their way to Castle Sauvage. Bill and Harold were not prepared to take the to the doors, as soon as it was in sight, they fled, too scared to be of any further assistance!

Before they could reach the faery castle, the knights had to pass through various fields which were being harvested. The farmers quietly got on with their work, silently ignoring their passing, neither showing welome or hostility. Eventually they reached the outer gates, Sir Erec's armour shining bright green, behind which the drawbridge was already lowering. Here stood several footsoldiers, the first in this strange place to talk to them, 'Who are you and what is your business here?'

As the knights discussed what had brought them to this place, two faery knights rode out to them acress the drawbridge, lances drawn in case of trouble. Upon their shields were enblazoned first a sun and then a moon. Hearing about the changeling child of Sir Gaelavin, they permitted entrance, guiding them across the drawbridge and through the inner gates. From here they passed through a clean happy town with an otherworldly air of prosperity and contentment to it. Here was a place one could be truly happy they agreed!

Inside the citadel, they dismounted, their steeds taken by servants in green & red livery. Entering the Great Hall, they found it deserted, save for a short, fat and ugly dwarf. 'The king will see you in due time, but he is not present at the moment. Take the chance to rest until he arrives. We will dine at eight.' And so it was, with dinner served at eight precisely. Amongst others at the meal were the Dwarf, Gallant and Lady Sauvage. When the knights enquired once more about speaking to the king who was again conspicuous by his absence, they were met with a frustrating reply. Before they could have audience with the King, they must complete three tests.

The first of these three tests was set by the Dwarf, a game of chess which the player must win. Gaelavin steped forward, convinced that he could beat the dwarf with his stubby fingers, but alas it was not so easy. Roundly beaten...

As Gaelavin heard that no audience would now be granted and that he'd have to come again next year to try again should he so wish, anger welled up inside him. Drawing his sword in a most inhospitable way, but driven so by passion for his lost daughter, he demanded to be seen! Quickly melee ensued, the Knights of Sun and Moon being joined with other faery guards. Before long it was obvious that they would be overwhelmed if they didn't back down. They did not panic, however, Galavin powerfully arguing that the King would surely wish to have back his daughter, just as he, Gaelavin wanted his. The passion of his words, despite his stumbling tongue, won the day, both saving their lives, and drawing King Magog out to see them!

Magog was not as they'd expected. Instead of a hansome fae, he turned out to be squat and ugly, but his looks did not matter. The finess of his garments and the air of ease with which he moved and spoke were arresting. Appearing in the Hall, Magog received his daughter from Sir Gaelavin, summoning from elsewhere a human daughter of a similar apparent age. The appearance of the girl proved her to be Gaelavin's descendent, although she too had aged faster than normal human children. Passing each other with a knowing look, they switched places and their quest complete, Gaelavin, Erec and Gwyn finally set off for home...