505AD (Part One): Nanteleod's Campaign

Erec started the year with very mixed feelings. True to her word, Countess Ellen had come back with a response to his proposal of marriage during the winter. The answer had been positive, yes she would marry him, but there was one more task he should carry out for her first. Their suspicions arriving from their raid on Cerdic last year weren't unfounded. He was indeed raising troops and was planning on marching against Salisbury as part of his plan to become the Bretwalda, High King of the Saxons. Nanteleod was riding with his troops to Salisbury to come to their aid. Would Erec lead Ellen's troops against their foe for the Countess on this campaign with Nanteleod. If he fought alongside their friend and survived, then yes, she would be his. Frustrated by the delay, but eager to prove his love, Erec agreed, and prepared his men for the battles to come.

Meeting Nanteleod, Sir Erec and Sir Gaelavin were introduced to a new knight in his service, one Malaccus of Glevum. This generous, if at times somewhat suspicious young knight, was quickly befriended by them, and like them was keen to prove his loyalty to his Lord.

With the amalgamated forces prepared, Nanteleod and Erec rode from Sarum to meet Cerdic's forces at Levcomagus. Although the field offered no advantage to either side, except through familiarity for the men of Sarum, the battle was but short but decisive. Within two hours [two battle rounds], the Saxon forces realised they were not going to best the men of Logres and fled. Much to Erec's annoyance, Nanteleod refused to let the chase pursue them. He had other plans...

Frustrated by love and then the lack of pursuit, Erec's ambitions were further frustrated when he realised that he was committed to follow Nanteleod on this campaign, even though Cerdic had been defeated. Nanteleod's plan was to sieze the moment and ride to meet the Saxons of Essex. Racing to Ellen, Erec received the instructions he had not wanted to hear. Yes he was to follow, and so he rejoined Gaelavin and his companions for the next stage of this campaign.