505AD (Part Two): Agony at Royston & the Death of Aethleswith

After halting the march of Cerdic's Saxons from Wessex, Nanteleod led the allied knights of Escavelon, Cambria and Salisbury to Royston to seek to press their opponents from Essex. This battle was no push over as it had been in Levcomagus. These Saxons were prepared for their arrival. The battle was hard fought, lasting much of the day.

Round One: Sir Erec's Unit containing his companions in arms Sir Daffyd (NPC) and Sir Gaelavin fell upon Athleswith's Saxon hoarde. Charging upon a unit of Beserkers, they all successfully landed their blows, felling them as they rode through, pushing into the thick of the battle

Round Two:Their [plunge through the battlefield was brought to a halt by a a group of warriors armed with javelin and swords. Although they survived capably, they were unable to push further into their foe, and so instead withdrew in order to charge once more.

Round Three:However, preparing to charge once more, they were taken by surprise by a Saxon spears and warriors upon whom the joy of battle seemed to have disposed them of their senses. Nevertheless, they proved capable of responding to this threat and overcame them.

Round Four:Now it was the turn of the Saxons themselves to be taken by surprise. Ahead of them, Erec spotted a gap in the Saxon ranks. Directly in their path they could see King Aethelswith himself, surrounded by his bodyguard. If they were quick, there was every chance that they could engage them and who knows, maybe, just maybe defeat the King himself. Grasping the opportunity, they met swords with the bodyguard. the fighting was thick and manic, hard after several hours of fighting already. Gaelavin took a bad blow from the guard and fell from his horse. Fortunately his squire was alert to his fate, and snatched him from danger. Sir Erec managed to press on, reaching the King himself. Facing his foe, he was spurred on by his love of Ellen - this would prove his commitment to her. There was no doubt that it would - and that his bard would turn it into song - but Aethelswith was too good for him. Before Erec could land his blow, he too was knocked unconscious by a wound of such seriousness that he had never received before. If it wasn't for the intervention of Nanteleod himself, who dispatched Aethelswith with great anger, Erec may never have made it from the field of battle. As it was, he was hovering at deaths door...

With the Saxon leader dead, Nanteleod was victorious, but the campaign was over for Erec and Gaelavin. Whilst Nanteleod pressed on to an undecisive battle at Beale Vale (Huntingdon), they were taken back to Sarum to recover...