506AD (Part Two): The Wedding of Sir Erec & Countess Ellen of Salisbury

At long last, the time came for Erec and Ellen to wed! Amongst the hardness of recent years, this celebration gave cause for cheer, and many gave their all for it. Guests came from across the land. Nanteleod came after his campaign in Cornwall, Prince Alain with him. Prince Mark was also present - although not surprisingly keeping his distance from Nanteloed and his entourage.

The day was marked with many entertainers in Sarum - minstrels, jugglers, although a certain notorious bard was conspicuous in his absence!

The celebration itself was held in the Great Hall with many courses of food forming the much anticipated feast. The food included such delights as; roast quail, turtledoves and partridge, goose, venison, boar, fish, roasted peacock, mutton, cheeses, walnuts, fresh fruits, oysters steamed in almond milk, ale-flavored bread, stewed cabbage, tarts and custards, fresh fruit preserves and spicy mulled wine. Although only dignatories were invited to the meal, the poor were not neglected, with the leftovers being feed to the beggars that hopefully gathered at the gates.

As was traditional, guests brought with them individual cakes which were piled up in anticipation of 'the kiss' - Erec and Ellen attempting to kiss over the top without them toppling down - a feat succeeded signalling prosperity and good luck for the future!

After the speeches, much enjoyed by Erec, came the dancing, a chance for the ladies of the court to show off their finery. Ellen was dressed in blue, the colour of chastity, naturally the centre of attention.

Gifts were given too by the newly wed couple to their friends and visitors.