The Chronicles: Houserules

Houserules drawn up in the course of our campaign

Concerning Erec's Bard, Gaelavin's Appearance and Glory

In an attempt to raise his glory, and in vain to promote himself to Countess Ellen, Sir Erec (son of the first Sir Erec) has in his employ a bard who's role is to compose and sing songs extolling the mighty acts of Erec, Sword of the Dawn. When we used the ecconomic system of The Book of the Manor he paid for the benefit, now it is simply included in the GM's description of his financial circumstances each year. The big question has been - should Erec gain additional glory for this? In our last session we decided upon the following: each year the bard should gain him 1d6 points of glory - not much, but something. In addition, we gave the bard his own score for 'Compose' and 'Sing'. If in the course of play Erec calls upon his bard, he has to roll for his success, as well as describe what he is attempting to acheive. Like all stats, these can be checked if critically succeeded in - or if there is a success at a critical moment. If he succeeds in these rolls, and the situation merits it, we decided there might be a further glory award. We also decided that should Erec's bard's Compose and Sing both go above 15, then unless Erec's status has increased accordingly, that the bard may look for enmployment elsewhere (or a substantial pay increase...)

While Erec has his bard, Sir Gaelavin has his good looks - an appearance of 18 (at the time of typing, having advanced past 35 years of age, his stats are beginning to decrease; in the Winter Phase of 499AD he lost a point in four stats!) Should this stat give him a glory advantage? For now we have deemed no, but instead decided that Gaelavin's player should activily seek modifiers for situations where his appearance might make a difference, and have the chance of acheiving additional glory that way.

Interested in what others might think about these rulings, I posted them to the Pendragon Forum, provoking a number of interesting responses. Check them out here (note that after a certain time period old forum postings get deleted).