479AD: The Beast of Imber

Time for my squires to prove their worth - especially that Gaelavin who's ability on a horse is not convincing! Having completed their training, I , Sir Elad, Marshall to Earl Roderick, sent out squires Pedivere, Aradoc, Vertigin & Gaelavin to to Imber, a nearby village, where sightings of a large bear is causing concern amongst the peasants who are now unwilling to attend the fields or go hunting, and hence raise income for our master.

I sent them to find Old Garr, the rather random priest who is installed there, which they managed. After a night in his barn, and eary morning prayers, they set off to hunt the 'Beast of Imber', their minds full of graphic tales of its might and ferocity from gathyered locals.

With the assistance of Garr, they quickly found evidence of the bear and tracked it through the woods - all except Gaevalin who again was embaressed on his horse, stumbling into a hidden ditch. The bear was for once as described, but brave Pedivere was not put off and virtually single-handedly slew it.

Triumphant (mostly) they returned to me rejoicing. Satisfied I thought it time to present them to Earl Roderick at Sarum. He was most impressed with their exploits (Pedivere modestly explaining it was a team effort), and they were knighted the next morning. What more is there to record? …only the leap. Vertigrin magnificently leapt the Great Hall onto his mount, followed ably by his companions - all except Gaevalin, once again humiliated by his horsemanship!

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