480AD: Merlin's Quest

Seems strange that my charges are now knights. It is always good to see them grow in valour and duty.

As the year passed they showed themselves up to Sir Roderick's need, completing their duties faithfully, although mostly uneventfully.

There was one occasion though that proved of interest. Out on their usual tour of duty, checking the land, they came across an old shepherd who's sheep had got stuck up a mountain. Touched by his troubles they ascended after it, and then pursued it over the other side …only to run into a giant!

Having thwarted the giant, they were greeted by the shepherd, who suddenly seemed to have grown in stature and authority. It would seem that his appearance hid his real identity. He had a task for them to serve Britain.

They followed him into a nearby wood where they were set upon by a wild green figure on horseback - although they were never truly sure if they horse and rider were not one single foe. This creature had fluid limbs that seemed to as if by some weird magic sprout from its torso at random, engaging them in fierce combat. (This fae creature they later learnt was a nukalavee.)

Amazingly they survived this combat, although one clung onto life by a thin thread, only to find that the shepherd had gone. Eventually he returned and out of gratitude for their services performed mighty acts of healing, curing all their wounds - even the most desperate.

They tell me that as he departed their company, that they caught a glimpse of a sword under his cloak…

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