481AD: Saxon Raiders

My young knights continue to do well it seems. Earl Roderick has been impressed by their sighting of Merlin, and their peers are treating them with respect.

Sad news however came at the start of Spring this year. Whilst on service with Roderick, Sir Vertrigan heard that his sister Tagen had gone missing. Suspecting fowl play, he and Gaelavin pleaded with Roderick for leave to go and investigate. Worried about the possibility of it being Saxon raiders he let them go.

Upon reaching his home, Vertrigan discovered that his men had failed so far to discover what had happened - she had gone for a walk on the way back from church one Sunday and not come back. Taking the hounds, they set off to see if they could succeed where other had not. Success! A track and various clues that she had left for them, a ring and a comb. There was hope. Setting their spurs to their horses, they pursued as fast as they could.

Fording a river they were set upon by Saxon raiders. With the help of their hounds, battle commenced and their foe were quickly overpowered - aided mightly by Vertrigan's passion at the lost of his sister. But just as they thought they had the upper hand, out from the trees stepped the Saxon leader, Tagen held at knife point. A new battle ensued, one of words.Eventually she was released, but at a cost of gold and the escape of this barbarian. Taking their prisoner with them they returned to safety, but concerned about the safety of the land in the face of further invaders.

There is something else I am concerned about, a glint in Sir Gaelavin's eyes as he talks about Tagen. I am not entirely sure that his thoughts are honourable…

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