482AD (Part One): The Knight Of The Wolf

There is always more to learn as a knight, and so it was this year that I spent much time with my charges in weapon training. With the tension in the air from last years Saxon raids, it is good to be prepared I feel. You can imagine then my young knights surprise this year, when a battered squire stumbled into their midst. After Galavin had mercifully shown compassion, bringing the wounded boy water and food, he recovered enough to tell his sorry tale. He had been accompanying his master Sir Cai of Falt manor who was bringing his daughter Bronythh to court for the first time when they were set upon by cowardly archers. His master had been slain, and Bronythh taken. Before his own escape from the scene, Cedric the squire, had glimpsed the sight of an armed man amidst the trees, baring a shield with he charge of a black dog's head. Sir Vertrigan has obviously done his homework well and recognized the shield immediately as that of the Knight of the Wolf, a reclusive figure these days, but well known from his father's time. Having heard the squire's story, Earl Roderick charged Sir Vertrigan and Sir Gaelavin with investigating this crime and bringing his justice to bare. With them was to go Sir Erec, a new knight. I think he is desperate to keep up with the other knights in court, pleading with Roderick to be able to take Cedric as his squire!…

Going back to the scene of this ambush, they discovered that strangely the bodies had been taken even though the arrows had not be retrieved. Now once more their skills in tracking came in useful, as they followed carefully trails found in the woods back towards the tower of the Knight of the Wolf (Roderick had made them aware of his abode).

On arrival they resisted the desire to go in with their swords brandished, and insead sought to talk to the lonesome knight. Although somewhat abrupt and clumsy in company, he received them and revealed the background to the day's events. This attack was not just a random act of violence, but was the climax of a family feud between his family and the Faults. His own father had ben mercilessly slain previously by Sir Cai . His own ambush was an act of justice and love - indeed the dead had been treated with respect and buried by the chapel on his grounds. It also transpired that he had not harmed Bronythh, but was holding her.

Here the parley became somewhat heated. My knights demanded that he come at once with the daughter to Earl Rodderick. The Knight of the Wolf refused, requested that instead they go retreive a family heirloom for him in exchange for the girl. Erec decided to cut to the chase, and ignoring the ongoing negotiations lowered his lance and charged towards the two footmen guarding the tower door… Sir Vertrigan will not be impressed

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