482AD (Part Two): The Knight Of The Wolf

Where was I? That's right, Sir Gaelavin and Sir Vertrigan were busy negotiating with The Knight of the Wolf, and reckless Sir Erec was about to charge the two scury guards by the tower's front gate.

Not surprisingly, Sir Erec didn't wait to hear the outcome, and dispatched in a fine lance charge his two opponents. Hearing this the Knight of the Wolf drew his sword and engaged with Gaelavin. Gaelavin managed to hold him off, and delivered a blow himself - although his reports about its measure are, I suspect, somewhat suspect! Vertrigan, however, landed a stunning smite, leaving the Wolf unconscious on the floor.

Alighting his charger and entering the tower, Erec spotted the two remaining guards departing through the rear window. Leaving them to the others, he made his way up the stairs to the room where Bronyth was imprisoned. he was soon joined by Gaelavin who had also abandoned the fleeing men, more concerned with the fate of the fair Bronyth! Thrusting past Erec, he mightily smote the door down and freed the young maiden, who upon seeing her saviour, swooned, *almost* into his awaiting arms…

And so my knights made their way back to Roderick with the unconscious Wolf slumped upon his charger, and Bronyth 'safely' sharing the saddle of Gaelavin.

Roderick was pleased to see them, although uncertain as to judgement - was the reclusive Knight of the Wolf amiss in seeking revenge in this way? A joust would decide his fate. Erec beat off the competion of the eager Sir Jaradan to ride for Roderick, and a date set for when The Wolf had recovered. In the meantime, Roderick decided to send his men on adventure - to track down the Knight of the Ivy Tower who had wrested Wolf's Fang, the family heirloom and sword of the Wolf, which had been taken by Sir Cai Falt, but then lost to the Knight of the Ivy Tower in near lethal combat.

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