483AD (Part One): Knight Of The Ivy Tower

Charged with the task of regaining Wolf's Fang, the sword of the Knight of the Wolf from the Knight of the Ivy Tower, our knights were faced with a quandary, where could they find him?

Gaelavin came up with the idea of asking Bronyth (who he had also requested a scarf from - has he got thoughts of love towards her I wonder?) They found her just in time. It transpired that Lady Ellen, Sir Roderick's wife, had decided to send her to the local nunnery to recuperate and be cured of her soul in her bereavement. At first this news distressed Gaelavin, but it transpired that this was only a temporary measure, she wasn't taking up orders. She knew little of how Sir Falt had lost the sword - he never talked about it in embarrassment she thought.

And so to Cedric - Sir Falts squire, now in the care of Erec. He gave a stumbled account of the joust between Falt and the Knight of the Ivy Tower. Quite clearly a desperate affair! His lord had been near to death when Cedric had handed over Wolf's Fang as a ransom for him. With some trepidation, he agreed to show them the way to the tower in the woods where this doom awaited…

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