484AD: The Skirmish At Newton Tony

The feud between the Steward of Levcomagus and Earl Roderick has been going on for some years now, and so it was of no surprise when we caught his men raiding - except for Sir Erec, it was his manor that was under attack! The cowardly creature just sat on the opposing hill and watched as we stumbled upon the raid whilst on patrol for Roderick. Understandably Erec was all for rushing in, but I reigned him back to quickly assess the situation and our tactics.

With little discussion, we charged them with our lances, except for Sir Gaelavin who for some personal reason opted to use his sword. That cost him dearly, three stroke later he managed to escape into a nearby building before collapsing yet again unconscious.

Sir Dylan had a fair tussle I gather. Thrown from his horse as Gaelavin had been, he managed to disarm his opponent and force them to the ground where he was eventually overcome.

Erec, full of passion, blasted through not only his own foe, but that of Gaelavin too, no doubt saving his life from a sticky ending.

In fact, all my men faired well and soon the scoundrels of Levcomagus were defeated. Five prisoners were taken back to Earl Roderick as hostages. He was disturbed and angered by what had happened, but thrilled by our victory.

As for Levcomagus himself, Erec made to catch him, but he turned and fled, surviving for now…

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