485AD (Part One): The Battle At Mearcred Creek

Court this year was at Leicester, Lindsay - our knights first major excursion. The talk was all of the latest Saxon invasions. Prince Madoc told us of suspicion that a large host was headed for the south coast. We also learnt that Duke Lucius of Caercolun had been instructed by the King to return to ready his men and lands.

Before the court could progress to its end, Gaelavin, Dylan and Erec approached Duke Lucius with Roderick's permission, and offered their help to go to the coast to spy out the situation and send him word of what was transpiring. A surprising act of diplomacy I thought. Still, it is good to make allies in these dark days.

The journey was largely uneventful, apart from an over night stay with Sir Bar whose name bought forth much unknightly merriment! Laughing They tried to get him to lend out someone to act as their guide to find the Saxons, but having done all he could to safeguard his manor, he was reluctant. In the end they got a 15 year old farmers son called Guy. It transpired he had never been further than 10 miles from home, and had never seen the sea before! Embarassed

Coming to Magouns they found evidence of a large Saxon force, and a town that had been totally ransacked. Rather concerningly, a large cloud of dust was coming towards the battered town from the North West. It was with much relief that they discovered this was not a returning hoard, but King Uther's men, including Roderick.

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