485AD (Part Two): The Battle of Mearcred Creek

Having rejoined the forces of King Uther, the mood was a somber one…

…except in the unit of Sir Amig, within which were Sir Dylan, Gaelavin and Erec. They did not care, I am told, that the following morn would see them engaging with the Saxon forces of King AElle. Their mood was jolly, frivilous even. I suspect it was the nerves!

The forces were woken early and in the grey mists of a Spring Sussex day, they advance up the river towards where AElle and his men lay waiting. My midday they met, and their forces engaged. My knights were in the first charge, and engaged with Saxon Heorthgeneat. Inflamed by their loyalty to Roderick and Uther they fought like transformed men. Either side Heorthgeneat fell unconscious or dead. None lasted in their path. Even the Heorthgeneat Beserker was slaughtered by Erec. It was an effortless battle.

Sadly, the same was not true for the rest of Uther's units. Sorely wounded - as were the Saxons - after some duration both disengaged and retreated to fight another day.

News came later that another Saxon attack had been made against Duke Lucius, and he had been defeated and pushed back to Colchester with hundreds of men taken. It has been a grim year.

On a more upbeat note, Gaelavin tells me of his newly born daughter! It is good that life won't give up in these dark days. I also hear that Tagen has given birth to a boy…

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