486AD: Sir Erec deafets the Knight of the Ivy Tower!

Spring court was at Windsor this year, and after the stalemate at Mearcred Creek and the defeat of Duke Lucius and his being pushed back into Colchester, the mood was bleak. Many feared that things could oly get worse and that more invasions by the Saxons were to be expected. Prince Madoc had plans to take forces to Colchester and to try and harry the barbarians there. On a slightly more upbeat note, one rumour said that Merlin was back!

Pedivere, Dylan, Erec and Gaelavin met with Roderick to consider options. The idea of going with Madoc to set the Saxons to sword was appealing, but they had another idea. A quest to boost moral - and give a trophy to Roderick to bring glory at court!

Appealing to the fact that they had been the few knights to have shown prowess at Mearcred Creek, they managed to meet Prince Madoc and arrange a meeting with Merlin - he had indeed returned. When they met, Merlin was none too helpful - more concerned it would seem with a chicken leg he was attacking than manners. In the end they managed to get the information that they needed. Their plan was to track down the Knight of the Ivy Tower once more and to wrest Wolf's Fang, the blade of the Knight of the Wolf from him. According to Merlin, this knight was in all probability a faery knight, and may well reappear in the same place, with his tower, each Pentecost. There was also the chance that if they could lure him away from the tower, he may weaken.

And so to the remains of the tower. To try for the element of surprise they arrived on Pentecost's eve and set up camp in the remains of the tower itself and set up watch for the night. The first half of the night passed without trouble, with Sir Dylan and Sir Gaelavin keeping guard. The second half was not so easy, Pedevire and Erec unable to resist the lure of sleep…

…They awoke to find that the Knight's Ivy Tower had appeared around them in their sleep. Standing by was the dwarf who beckoned them to the doorway where they were hailed by the familiar figure dressed in green. Offered breakfast by the Knight of the Ivy Tower, they politely reclined, and offered theirs instead - after all, being in the Tower, they were the hosts… After a cordial meal, the Knight called upon them to tell of their exploits since they last met in song or tale. Maybe it was the occasion, but somehow the accounts were not as rousing or intimidating as they might have hoped.

And so to the plan. How to lure the Knight away from his tower. Various strategies were attempted, but in the end Erec came up with one that was accepted. They would joust as challenged by the Knight. The first would joust by the Tower. If he were defeated, the second further out. If they in turn were defeated, then the third would take up arms again further out and so on. This appealed to the Knight's sense of pride, and so he agreed - on one condition, Erec was his first opponent With a sense of doom, Erec took up his lance. Having been defeated by the Knight previously in a vicious onslaught, he knew that this could be his end, in fact he expected it. It took all his emotional strength to hold down the urge to flee. In the end his recklessness and sense of wounded honour won through. Inspired, he charged across the clearing and landed a blow upon the Knight. Time and time again he managed to evade the Ivy Tower's lance, and miraculously plant his own upon him. On his arm, on his shield and finally he ran him through the chest.

Mist came down upon the clearing and many there fell again into slumber. But Erec managed to stay alert. As the mist drew in he saw the slain body of the Knight of the Ivy Tower merge with the mist and vanish. His tower too. But as the mist cleared, there on the ground before him lay a dark blade, its pommel engraved with a wolfs head, teeth bared and grasping the ball at its end. The Wolf's Fang was theirs…

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