487AD (Part One): The Great Sword Feast

Having successfully defeated the Knight of the Wolf and bought the sword Fang to Sir Roderick, anticipation built up over the year for the Christmas Court and the Great Sword Feast. With the presentation of the sword to Uther, our knights and Roderick hoped to not only get one over others represented, but also lift moral after a difficult few years. Could this sword help unite them?

The week leading up to the Feast was maybe a time for others to be involved in intrigue, but Roderick's knights' thoughts turned to romance and thoughts of finding potential wives. Flush with success in defeating the Knight of the Ivy Tower, Sir Erec though he would try and impress Lady Elaine - a rich widow with a number of manors to her name - with his efforts with the lance [although the epic tournaments of Arthurian legend are yet to come, we assume that such trials of strength would exist at this time]. Sir Gwair of Dol, a visiting knight with the Praetor Syagrius accepted his challenge. Syagrius has come over from Soissons which the Franks have taken over to seek aid in recovering his land. Alas, in Gwair, Erec met his match and was sent flying from the saddle in a crushing defeatů

Sir Dylan, perhaps learning from Erec's endeavours, attempted to woe Lady Adwen with fine words. He managed to catch her in conversation, but alas, the words somewhat failed him. (Maybe he is trying for the silent mysterious type)

As for Sir Gaelavin, we can but speculate. In speculating we are probably right!

The Feast itself was a magnificent affair! The knights were presented with their annual gifts from Roderick. Uther in turn presented his retinue with their gifts, the most magnificent being to his son Prince Madoc, to whom he granted several manors on the Thames, including Windsor!

The Earls and other nobles then had their chance to present Uther with their gifts. Rodericks gift brought a great cheer from all assembled, and glory too to our knights. Of course Roderick took most of the glory, as is only right, but they were pointed out to him. Prince Madoc's gift also bought great cheer to the gathered company, the battle standard of a dead Saxon cheiftain. Moral once low had been successfully raised.

Just when all was going quiet, that Merlin appeared. Bruskly heading straight for Uther he drew from his side a sword - which at once Gaelavin recognized having helped Merlin recover it some years previously, Exalibur, the Sword of Victory! Again the cheers were great, and by the end of the night all new that the Saxons would be severly tested by the steel of Logres in the New Year, and that soon Uther would indeed be accepted by all as the new High King. Again glory was bought to our knights, as the role of Gaelavin in recoving the sword was pointed out to Uther, and Merlin's closing words to Roderick, 'Watch these men well, amd give them rein to help Britain'

Later that evening the Earl took the chance to call Sir Dylan to give an account to the gathered throng of the Adventure of the Sword Lake, which he didů

The feast closed with the knights heading off to visit the Duke of Lindsay, a recalcitrant vassel of Uther's, so that the Sword of Victory could maybe be revealed to bring him into submission.

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