487AD (Part Two): The Duke of Lindsay

Rather than hang around waiting for the reappearance of the Duke of Lindsay, Sirs Erec, Gaelavin and Dylan decided to try and find out what was going on. They took a young knight, Owain, from Linsay's hall and took him down to the local tavern and liberally applied ale! After a few tankards it became clear that all Owain knew was the Lindsay had gone hunting. With the lack of further information, they persuaded Owain to take them hunting the next morning.

When morning came, Owain emerged to keep his promised, but clearly worse for wear. The hunt started with Erec finding boar tracks. Deciding that his lead was their best chance, Dylan and Owain opted to follow Erec as he pursued the boar. Gaelavin, however, was sure that he could do better, and heading in pursuit on his own. At first his plan seemed to be a big mistake, but just as all seemed to be in vain he spotted movement in the undergrowth ahead where the boar had doubled back, giving Erec and his company the slip. Lance in hand he charged the rampent snorting beast as it emerged furious from its cover. Twice he landed his great spear in its side, dodging the tusks that sought to rent him open, slaying the creature with stunning ease, with Erec, Dylan and Owain only able to watch on in admiration. Lashing the boar between two horses, they returned to Lincoln to be received with glory.

Lindsay returned after a week, coldly receiving Uther and his contingency. It was clear to all that the Duke thought that Uther was arrogant and needed something to prove that he should support Uther's bid to be High King. Dylan could also clearly see that he was afraid of Uther and his growing power. Still, the Duke remembered the rules of hospitality and ordered a feast.

The feast was a suitably rich affair, if awkward. Entertainment came in the form of songs and tales by Lindsay's men, mostly promoting him. In order to readdress the balance, Uther called upon Dylan to recount the Adventure of the Sword Lake and how Excalibur was found. Just as Dylan got to the point in the tale where the sword was taken by Merlin, Uther butted in and asked Merlin to tell more about it. With an elaborate gesture, Merlin swept Excalibur from under his robe and presented it to Uther. Lindsay and his knights were impressed, and his vote was won.

And so the year came to an end with our knights having grown in stature and status in Roderick's eyes, and before Uther.

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