488AD (Part Two): The Fate of Sir Gaelavin

The journey back to the boat was a torturous one for Sir Gaelavin. In his unconscious state despite the best care of those attending him, the rough ride saw him groaning in pain. Nevertheless, he made it back to the boat alive. It would seem that fortune was shining on him as the Uther's healers were skilled and successfully tended his wounds. By the end of the day he was conscious again, although the pain was unceasing. Even eating and drinking hurt, and for a while it seemed as if he may never again don his armour and ride against the foe. By the end of the first week, colour had returned to him and the women tending his wounds began to complain of his advances Wink By the end of the second week, he was able to walk again, although with great care. By the end of the third, he began to get restless, keen to be out with Roderick and the King again…

For those that are interested here is how the mechanics worked out:

The Recovery of Sir Gaelavin

Hit points after first aid: 4
Chirurgery score of Uther’s healer: 15
Gaelavin’s healing rate: 3 hps per week (applied on Sundays at noon)

Dice rolled by Alain (d20s):
2, 14, 2, 18, 17, 6, 9, 17, 19, 17

Week One
Transfer back to boat – takes further 1 hp damage due to aggrevation
Chirurgery roll = 2 success! Therefore no deterioration.
Recovers 3 hp
Sunday end of first week up to 6hp

Week Two
Chirurgery roll = 14 success (just)! Therefore no deterioration.
Recovers 3 hp
Sunday end of second week up to 9hp

Week Three
Chirurgery roll = 2 success (just)! Therefore no deterioration.
Recovers 3 hp
Sunday end of third week up to 12hp

Having made 3 successive chirurgery rolls, Sir Gaelavin moves from “unhealthy” to “healthy” and should survive! He could re-engage in activity again at this point but would run the risk of aggravating his wound. One further week would remove that risk. Seven further weeks would see him back to full strength.

(Failed chirurgery rolls lead to deterioration – no hp points recovered that week, instead loses 1d6 hp…)

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