491AD (Part Two): The Deaths Of Duke Gorlois & Prince Madoc

With the coming of dawn, Erec was disturbed in his sleep by the sound of hooves charging by their 'cell's window. Rousing from his slumbers he managed to catch glimpse of a figure on horseback leaving the island. The same as that came into camp last night?

Arising early, the knights gained permission to explore Tintagel accompanied. They took the opportunity to move to the outer fortifications and view Uther's camp to try and discern what was going on. There was a surprising amount of movement for such early hours, although this did not seem to be the preparations of a force for battle. More astute than the others, Dylan spotted that the King's standard was flying at half mast. What could this mean? Surely the King wasn't dead?…

Later, Brastias and guard crossed the causeway, come to talk with Lady Ygraine. Dylan, Erec & Gaelavin were taken back to their quarters at this point, and guarded. However, Erec managed an opportune lapse in the attention paid to them when a servant came to bring them food. With Gaelavin and Dylan 'occupying him' (I'll leave you to imagine for yourselves the manner of this activity…), he was able to slip out in order to find out what was going on.

With a combination of determination and luck, Erec managed to talk his way into the main hall of Tintagel, pretending to be one of Brastias' men. Gaining entry, he discovered Brastias talking to Ygraine. His quiet entry did not go unnoticed, however, he was spotted by Lady Lynette who was there to serve her Lady. She calls him over and they have a brief moment to catch up on their news, before they are discovered by Ygraine as Brastias leaves, who assumes that Erec is her new guard for the day.

Now at last Erec discovers what has happened. Duke Gorlois has been slain during the night in fierce battle, as has the King's son Prince Madoc. This explained the standard flying at half-mast, but how could Gorlois be dead - hadn't Erec seen him arrive here the night before and leave at dawn?…

Having changed into mourning black Ygraine, accompanied by Lady Lynette and now Sir Erec, headed over to a pavilion freshly erected by the main gate. Here the body of Gorlois himself was lain out for Ygraine to receive. Having got away with his subterfuge so well up until this point, Erec perhaps let his guard slip a little, for he was spotted and recognised by Brastias himself, and taken into guard as a traitor to the King!

Having finished his business at Tintagel, Brastias and his party, now including Erec, headed back to the mainland and Uther. Keeping out of sight, Dylan and Gaelavin followed. Remaining loyal to their companion in arms, they sought out Roderick, knowing that he knew of their plans at Tintagel, and that he could arrange for the release of Erec, which he did.

Feeling dishonoured by Brastias' accusations, and clear mistrust, Erec challenged Brastias to a duel by lance. With amazing ease Erec smote Brastias from his steed. His honour was satisfied, but at what cost…

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