492AD: The Treason Trial

The knights returned to Terrabil to discover that wherever they went - despite their best efforts to talkup their exploits - they were shunned. It didn't take long until they realised the cause for this silent rejection. They were to be charged with treason...

Brastias had informed Uther that they had aided Merlin in the kidnapping of Uther's son, the new born child of Ygrainne (As an aside, it has to be said that no one is really sure about the parentage of this child. Ygrainne has always claimed that Gorlois came back to her during the seige of Terrabil, but this was the night he was killed. How could he have been at Tintagel?)

Before long the inevitable summons came. Arriving at the castle, they were met by a cold Brastias who seemed to take some glee in having them taken to guarded quarters until they were called before the King and his justice.

Once in this 'gaol', they were frequented by a number of visitors. First there was Cadfannon, the servant who treated them with surprising familiarity. Then Sir Elad and the somewhat bumbling and ineffectual Bishop Roger came, sent by Earl Roderick himself, to discover what had actually happened and to bring them support. They reassured Erec, Gaelavin and Dylan that they would represent them in court too. After they left, a black robed priest with Roman tonsure burst in. Introducing himself a Father Dewi, he sternly quized them regarding their faith and dealings with Merlin. Before leaving, he announced that he knew what had happened, but left them pondering what he had concluded, striding out as bruskly as he had entered.

Eventually evening came, and the call. Moments later they were thrust before the King and a hostile Ygrainne who was already spitting for their blood. Brastias stood to deliver his charge, that these men had actively assisted Merlin in his kidnap and escape by laying ambush for himself and pursuing company. Then feigning to have not realised what was happenning, they then he alleged led them astray by false tracking.

Outraged by his apparent lies and exageration, Erec, Gaelavin and Dylan protested their innocence, supported by Elad - a brave act, puting Roderick potentialy at odds with Uther himself if the outcome went against them. With Ygrainne continuing to call for their lives and Brastias urging their guilt, it didn't look good. But just as proceedings threatened to go against them, Father Dewi strode into the room and demanded to speak. Despite this act of rudeness, he was allowed to speak. The conclusions of his investigations were now made clear, they had been ensorceled by the pagan devil, Merlin, and did not know what they had done. He was the guilty one in this affiar and they could not be held responsible for their actions. Speaking with passion and conviction, he held the court captivated, and persuaded Uther of the truth of his words. With anger, Uther declared that Merlin was guilty of treason and should be brought to justice. Released, Dylan, Gaelavin and Erec gained a new reputation - the men who had condemned Merlin.

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