493AD: Malahaut Negotiations

Court was gloomy this year. Uther was rarely seen, depressed from the loss of first his son Prince Madoc, and then the kidnapping by Merlin of Ygraine's child. As the court progressed, word came that he had in fact become ill. Indeed, even the land itself became ill, the harvests suffering along with their Lord.

A surprise guest at Court was King Pelinore of Norgales, pausing on his hunt for the Questing Beast. Passing on word of the request of his brothers for him to return to his land, Gaelavin had chance to assess him for himself. The stories of his wild eyes and madness seemed not that far fetched, with Pellinore claiming his hunt would when completed bring him glory from his pagan god, and recovery for his kingdom.

Roderick was charged to head to Eburacum and negotiate with the King of Malahaut. Gaelavin and Dylan accompanied him. Discussions were terse. In fact they soon realised that they were not the only parties in town, but that several other envoys of northern kings and indeed Saxons were present. Could it be that they were plotting against the ailing King? News of the escape from prison of Octa and Eosa made this possibility even more concerning.

Leaving Eboracum, Gaelavin proposed that they headed north rather than south and laid ambush for one of these parties. This they decided to do, Roderick giving both Dylan and Gaelavin charge of a small unit of men. They managed to catch their Saxon opponents unawares and made the most of their preparations to push their advantage. Both slew their first victims, and around them most of the Saxon foe were defeated. Things took a turn for the worse when they were engaged by the Saxon Chief and his berserker guard. Dylan survived the onslaught of the chief, as did Gaelavin the berserker's blow…but only just, losing consciousness after a bitter blow to his thigh. Seeing that Roderick's men had reduced most of their party, the Saxon chief and guard fled, leaving Gaelavin and Dylan to head back to Uther and warn of the threat from the north.

The other news this year was the introduction of Lady Elaine to Sir Dylan - apparently Lady Ellen (Roderick's wife) thought it was about time Dylan got married…

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