494AD (Part One): Embassy to Estragales

The talk this year at the Spring Court in London still concerned itself mainly with the kidnapping of Queen Ygraine's new born child, and Merlin's role within that. Also of note this year was the absence of Uther himself from continued sickness - a sickness that was imitated in the weather over the now finished winter.

At Court, Brastias passed on to Earl Roderick word from the King. He was to send some of his men to deliver a letter to King Canan of Estragales, ruler of a group of Irish tribes in southern Gales. Naturally Roderick chose to send Dylan, Erec and Gaelavin.

Crossing into Gloucester, they were intercepted at the border by knights of the dukedom who escorted them to an audience with the Duke himself. After an interview, they were sent on their way, escorted now by his two sons, the argumentative Twin Bannerets of Glevum, the Red Banneret and Green Banneret, all the way to Carlion.

At Carlion they were greeted by the merry Sir Alain, another veteran of the siege at Terrabil. He was very keen to renew acquaintances and to accompany them to see the King Nanteleod of Escavalon. Nanteleod proved to be a very polite host, keen to hear news of the wider world and to find out how Earl Roderick and Ellen his wife were.

Having gained permission to move through Escavalon, our knights travelled on to Estragales, accompanied now by Sir Alain, safely reaching Pembroke Castle. One more interview, this time at last with King Canan to whom they delivered their letter. Promising a response after a deliberation, they were given leave to refresh themselves before the evenings meal where they were hosted by Sir Orcas, the King himself detained by other business.

On another note, I gather that Sir Dylan's wooing of Lady Elaine did not go so well over the Winterů No doubt with patience he will succeed, but it will take patience!

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