The Great Pendragon Campaign Webring

Joining the Webring
The purpose of the webring is to provide a convenient way of linking together different websites that players have created to chronicle their adventures in using the Great Pendragon Campaign. If you run such a website, perhaps you'd like to consider joining the webring. This is a simple process - click here and follow the step by step instructions.

Installing the Navigation Code on your Site
Once you've joined the webring, you need to add the code for the webring to your site if you haven't already in the application process. Please do this as soon as you can. To obtain the code follow these instructions:

  • Go to & click 'sign in' on top right of page
  • Enter your user ID and password in form and click 'sign in' underneath them
  • Click the tab saying 'memberships' towards the bottom of the new page.
  • Click on your site title
  • Click on 'Get Navigation Code' on the left hand side
  • The new page gives you the code for the webring to be added to your site on the page the webring directs you to. Please ensure that the whole of the code is entered! (If you're not sure which page you should insert it on, click on the link 'Edit Site Information' on the page you've just come from - this will detail the relevant URL.) Please place it somwhere reasonably obvious so that people can navigate around the ring.

Tips for installing the code on common blogging sites can be found here - these pages are short video tutorials so turn your speakers on!

Banner Not Displaying?
Some blogging sites do not enable the insertion of javascript on their pages. If you use such a site and install the code as detailed above you will not get the webring banner on your site (as on the bottom of the page). Instead, you'll get a grey box that looks something like this.

If this happens to you, try installing the html version of the banner which the javascript creates. To do this follow these instructions:

  • To find and install the HTML code for your page
  • Click on 'My Account' at the top right hand side of the page, after logging in, if you are not already there
  • Click the 'Memberships' tab
  • Click on your site's name beside the title of the Community you wish to get the coding for
  • Click 'Get Navigation Code' on the left hand side of the screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page past the box with the coding in it. Click on the word 'here' where it says, "Members who wish to use the HTML version of this NavBar should go here".
  • From there you will find the HTML coding customized for your membership that you can copy and paste on to your page. Take care not to alter it in any way.
  • For further details visit this help page at

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